AT-CRIS got five this year!

„When children get 5 years old, they need leeway to become independent,
they often whine without a reason and get easily bored.”

(on the behaviour of 5 year old children)

It seems that AT-CRIS isn’t a typical five-year-old: right from the beginning, we’ve enjoyed a creative and independent working environment that has enabled us to identify the best solutions for our customers, and we have been able to preserve this until today. We have grown both seen to staff numbers and skills. Compared to our beginnings in 2016, we have been able to enhance our portfolio. We now provide services in the areas of research information management, student lifecycle management, PhD management, performance-oriented allocation of funds as well as library management. We have become a trusted partner in the area of consulting and implementation of IT systems.

Until now, we have never gotten bored, and we don’t see any reason to lament. Even during the pandemic, we have been able to continue our successful journey without any limitations.

Is AT-CRIS already grown up and settled? With regard to stability and reputation, definitely. Concerning curiosity, commitment, energy, or team spirit, we are determined to preserve our mindset of the last five years.

We are looking forward to the next five years and are curious which surprises the future will bring. We are confident that we will, together with our customers, be able to write the next successful chapter of the AT-CRIS story.   

Happy Birthday AT-CRIS!