The AT-CRIS implementation model got developed based on many years of consultancy and implementation experience of our colleagues. Along this model we built our services. Contentwise we are currently focussed on the areas of Current Research Information Systems, Student Management Systems and PhD Management Systems. In all these areas we provide excellent domain knowledge which we are happy to share with our customers. 

Our implementation model is easy to adapt to other business domains as well. We are happy to extend our services for you!

We think that especially phase I, II and III which cover the preparation phase should be finished before a software implementation project starts or even before a product decision is taken. This will reduce efforts, costs and time which could be better used during the implementation phase V. Software providers as well as their customers will then benefit in the same way. This allows you to prepare everything for a smooth transition into the production environment (phase VI). 

Typically AT-CRIS is not involved during the decision taking phase IV. AT-CRIS neither takes a product decision nor does AT-CRIS recommend a product for a customer. AT-CRIS is a product independent service provider and not a reseller. AT-CRIS does not benefit from product sells or decisions.