This is AT-CRIS!

I am important and a part of a whole concept

We as employees make the difference for our customers and play a crucial supporting role at AT-CRIS. We are AT-CRIS’ greatest asset. If one of us leaves AT-CRIS, a huge gap opens up, on a personnel level and in terms of content and capacity. Every single one of us is important and thus a part of the whole concept. AT-CRIS’ greatest goal is to be the company for its employees. Only together can we continue to build up our company and we are looking forward to creating the next chapter of our joint story.

The AT-CRIS ‘work family’

AT-CRIS is the work family for all our employees. We work together as a team, laugh with each other and share our successes and failures. No-one gets to make their mark at the expense of others. We trust each other on all levels. This creates a relaxed atmosphere, even in stressful situations, and is the key to the great vibe within the AT-CRIS work family, which sets us apart from other employers. We approach problems factually, and directly with an aim to solving them. We do not put off important issues to deal with later so that they are constantly hanging over us. Every day at work we face our customers and are confronted with their challenges – this is why it is important that we are as free as possible from internal problems.

Every member of the work family has his/her place and feels secure. Everyone has a voice and can make a contribution -whether it’s a question of setting up new services, taking new paths or simply through our day-to-day work. When we approach a task together and support each other, experience has shown that we always manage to push back our own boundaries and to open up new horizons in the end. It all works out.

Every member of our work family is valuable and generates value. We feel it is important to make this value visible and to acknowledge it. We are aware that we sometimes have to put work in ourselves to attain this visibility. In our busy working day, we consciously pause for a moment and take time for our colleagues and show them that we appreciate them and their work. As a work family, we celebrate success together but are also not above self-critique.

Personal family comes first

We create a familiar environment, our own culture, our own humour and maybe our own language. But we clearly set boundaries - our personal family always comes before the AT-CRIS work family. Sometimes compromises have to be made between our personal family and our work family. Sometimes we are also in an area which isn’t clear cut, but we never put our personal family on the line. The work family will not and may not replace our own personal family.

We are there for our customers

We are there for our customers and are ready to listen to their concerns and work every day at finding the best possible solution for them. Without our customers, we wouldn’t exist as a company. We keep this in mind every day which drives us to attain the best results, even in difficult periods. Every single one of us makes a difference, every day.

And precisely because we are so highly motivated, are very committed to our work and are there for our customers, we should never forget where we belong when all is said and done – to our work family - to our own family. We work closely and confidently with our customers, right from the start of our cooperation. Always at full speed. If we might have to extend a deadline, our customers will understand. Because straight afterwards we will be right back there, ready to do what we do best: creating the best possible solution for our customers.

This is what we stand for!

The AT-CRIS team.