AT-CRIS Implementation services

As implementation partner for research information, campus and post-graduate management systems, we also implement our concepts. Our methods are based on our long-ranging experience and can be readily applied to other products. Individual needs can only be met with custom solutions. Here we put our focus on you, our customer. Your needs are our business: we adjust our services to meet your requirements.

We work on a wide range of implementation projects within universities, institutions of higher education and research institutions, whereby we support you throughout the entire implementation process – continuous support or in specific areas.

For software companies, we can take over implementation projects as an external services provider, and we can coordinate these directly with the customer if desired. This allows us to support you and to help avoid delays in your project while working towards a successful go-live.

Following implementation, we continue to be available for assistance. We can answer inquiries in second-level support, coordinate clarification of issues with the software provider and provide support in handling of new requirements.

Project management

  • Technical and professional project management
  • Project planning & -controlling
  • Operational concept

We can formulate your project plans, coordinate and prepare the steering committee, coordinate the project participants as well as the project implementation and work to secure the adherence to the defined delivery date. We will work with you to define your operational concept. Project management and support thereof are always used to support knowledge-building for our customers.  

We consider it to be a display of trust when we are conferred responsibility for your project’s management. On request we can provide you with references.


For us, implementation means customizing your choice of product to your needs and implementing it for you. Our team has the methodic, professional and technical expertise needed to provide optimal support in the following:

  • Evaluation & consultation for processes, data and systems
  • Professional and technical specifications
  • Professional and technical realization / configuration
  • Data analysis and -migration
  • System analysis and -integration
  • Reporting and evaluation
  • Documentation
  • ‘Go live‘

AT-CRIS is the first independent implementation partner for research information systems operating world-wide. However, campus management and post-graduation management also belong to our core competencies. We are convinced that our methods can be applied to other areas and products. Are you not sure? Ask us!


  • Basic training
  • Special seminars
  • User training
  • Creation of individual training materials
  • Moderation of workshops

We support your project team in creating and retaining expertise in your chosen product with seminars and training created for your target audience: specialized training for particular groups, such as certain departments, or user training in preparation for your ‘Go-live’. We will also prepare customized training materials for you and your application and can moderate the training workshops in your institution if you wish.

Go-Live Preparation

  • System and acceptance tests
  • Documentation
  • Communication

We support you with the necessary system and acceptance testing by providing testing plans, carrying out the actual testing and preparing the results for further analysis and reporting. We can formulate documentation and help you plan and carry out the necessary steps for acceptance and roll-out.

Assistance in live operation

  • Support of the end customer
  • Troubleshooting
  • Realization of new requirements

Even after successful implementation, we continue to be available for assistance. We can answer inquiries regarding the operation of your system in second-level support. If you wish, we can coordinate clarification of issues with the software provider (3rd level support) and troubleshoot arising issues in the system. Should new requirements arise, we can provide support in handling and adapting to meet them.