AT-CRIS Solutions

Solution-oriented. Free from thematic restrictions. For us, solutions are more than fulfilling a consulting or implementation contract. Solutions are transferable and can be applied to different situations. Our fixed-price services are a direct result of our ‘laboratory‘  for creating solutions.

Solution = Methods + Consultation + Implementation

The challenges, and also our strength, lie in the methodology. We create concepts, best practices, and – when the necessary products are lacking – new tools. We supplement our methods with consultation and/or implementation services and generate practical solutions for our customers.

We are convinced that good solutions can and should be applied to products. For this reason, we contact software providers to offer them our solutions as services. However, even when they are not directly used in software, our solutions can be used for concrete applications. Examples of this are our solutions on the topics of Third Mission or LOM (Performance oriented funding allocation)

Our ability to create solutions are what actively set us apart from other providers of consulting and services. This is an additional reason for us to continuously pursue and invest in solutions, which we consider to be expedient and advantageous. Including for our team.


Do you have rough edges in your CRIS in operation?

Your CRIS has launched & been operational for some time by now. Internal and external triggers have pulled and stretched the system in multiple and different directions.

  • Are you satisfied with your CRIS implementation?
  • Have you met all your targets defined in the CRIS implementation?
  • Do you have an agreed strategy for supporting future use cases?
  • Does your CRIS get the proper attention at your institution?
  • Are your users delighted with your CRIS?
  • Have you fully integrated the CRIS into your IT infrastructure?
  • Do you know the full potential of your CRIS?

Order an independent expert view on usage and the operation. Identify optimisations and potentials of your system.

  • The 360°CRIS Review helps you identify potential rough edges in your use cases, services, and business processes.
  • We look into optimisations and unused system potential.
  • We make impact analyses of changes in the research environment (e.g. new mandates, Open Science, assessments, statuary returns, budget cuts).
  • We pay attention to user onboarding, training and satisfaction.
  • We check out hosting, system upgrades and your IT infrastructure.
  • We assess your data quality and data security matters.
  • We help you to prioritise your plans and consolidate the vision & value for your CRIS within the institution.

Benefits & outcomes of the 360°CRIS Review

  • Optimise your CRIS operation
  • Stakeholder management
  • Resource allocation
  • Roadmap planning
  • Research information management decisions
  • Process adjustments
  • Identifying gaps to be closed


The independent approach

When deciding to purchase a research information system, a repository, a new finance system, a library management system, a video conference solution, student lifecycle management software, etc., Institutions of Higher Education face a number of challenges:

  • How do I get information about existing products?
  • How can I get an overview of existing solutions?
  • How do I compile my requirements in a targeted manner?
  • Is there anything I have forgotten while writing tender documents?

On the other hand, product providers have to answer tenders with sometimes hundreds of requirements, which often is a time-consuming and cost-intensive balancing act:

  • How can I differentiate my product from my competitors?
  • How do I advertise my product without being intrusive?
  • How do I get an overview of the market requirements?

These are your challenges? This is our solution: