AT-CRIS Fixed Priced Services

As a provider for consulting and solutions, we take on the topics that are important to our customers.

We offer standardized services for the topics ‘Kerndatensatz Forschung’ - KDSF - (definition of a core dataset to improve the comparability of statistics regarding research at higher institutions in Germany) and Third Mission. Our standardized services reduce our customers’ financial risk in answering complex questions.

Fit for KDSF?!

Research institutions in Germany are currently facing the question of if, and if yes, then when and how to implement KDSF. An analysis of the current situation is usually the basis for this decision. (iFQ et al. Ergebnisbericht zum Projekt "Kerndatensatz Forschung", 13.10.2015).

Using a 3-step current-situation analysis (collecting, analyzing and reporting), data availability, data quality and processing are regarded closely in terms of reliability, handling and privacy protection. Based on this analysis, it is possible to identify the necessary steps in order to implement KDSF as well as possible improvements to the existing data processing practices. In this sense, the current-state analysis is a quality assurance measure which helps the research institutions in securing long-term data quality and availability for KDSF with a minimum of effort.

Our service ‚Fit for KDSF?!’ gives you a closer look at your institution and a concrete list of areas with potential for improvement. The service is also designed to be used as a current-situation analysis in preparation for implementation of a current research information system (CRIS). Our methodology designed for the German market can easily adapted to other science systems.

Third Mission Factsheet

Each institution for higher education exists in close contact with its region and the people who live there. Higher education institutions engage with their communities in a variety of roles as educators, employers, providers of services and cooperation partners within a framework of knowledge and technology transfer. In spite of these close connections, many institutions are not able to directly answer the question ‘Which activities exist in my institution which would fall under the category of ‘Third Mission’?’

An awareness for the institution’s own activities should be the basis, however, for managing the Third Mission, and for using it to set the institution apart from its competition. With this conviction, AT-CRIS has developed a comprehensive approach with which institutions can actively promote their Third Mission with IT support and not only find answers to the open questions, but also create measurable benefits for the institution and the community.

Dive into the fascinating topic ‘Third Mission’ with AT-CRIS’ ‘Fact Sheet Web Footprint’ service. We can provide you with an outside view of your institution and with a concrete list of areas with potential for improvement.