CONNECT: The independent approach

When deciding to purchase a research information system, a repository, a new finance system, etc., Institutions of Higher Education face a number of challenges:

  • How do I get information about existing products?
  • How can I get an overview of existing solutions?
  • How do I compile my requirements in a targeted manner?
  • Is there anything I have forgotten while writing tender documents?

On the other hand, product providers have to answer tenders with sometimes hundreds of requirements, which often is a time-consuming and cost-intensive balancing act:

  • How can I differentiate my product from my competitors?
  • How do I advertise my product without being intrusive?
  • How do I get an overview of the market requirements?

CONNECT is a platform that brings institutions that evaluate products (e.g. HEIs) and product providers together: the institution gets access to requirements that have already been defined by other institutions, it can submit its own questions and thus compile a complete catalogue of requirements with little effort.
The product providers of a certain product area can view and answer requirements. HEIs / universities can evaluate their requirements against the existing product range.

Added value for Higher Education Institutions:
+    Unrestricted access to the requirements database and answers from the product providers
+    Time and effort saved when compiling your own requirements
+    Access to an easy and cost-saving market overview
+    No need to contact each product provider directly

Added value for product providers:
+    Advertising platform for the product / company
+    One-time answering of requirements 
+    Overview of the requirements in a specific market

AT-CRIS as the operator of CONNECT:

  • creates users and develops the platform on a continuous basis
  • moderates requirements and ensures that they are not stored multiple times in CONNECT
  • collects existing requirements (in the form of Excel tables) and makes them available on the platform

About the timetable
We plan to go live with CONNECT in summer 2020.